Oct 3

We have not been able to get off of the ship so far during our stay off of 
Columbia, so we have not been able to see a lot of mammals, however we did pass a 
group of whales on our way out from New Jersey, although we did not have time to 
grab pictures. We do have ice cream and some candy aboard, we have a box of 
assorted candy in the control room of the engine room as well. I will be on the 
boat for Halloween, I did not bring a costume though, I should have planned 
better. We do have cheese. I should be back to the Island around the end of 
November based on the ships schedule as of now, but the schedule can always 
change. We make our own water aboard utilizing an evaporator (evap). the evap 
uses the main engines cooling water while under way (aprox. 80 degrees celcius) 
to heat seawater. this takes place under a vacuum, which allows water to boil at 
a lower temperature. the boil off (distilate) is pure fresh water with around 
0.2 ppm of impurities. the brine (salt and water that does not boil off is 
discharged over the side. the distilate is pumped to our potable or technical 
water tanks. if the water is to be used as feed water for our boilers or jacket 
water it remains untreated when entering a system. water used for drinking or 
hotel use (potable water) goes through a heater and UV sterilizer to kill 
bacteria, and then is run through a mineralizer to add minerals to improve 
taste. the boat has been pretty calm this trip, when it rocks, it does not help 
you to sleep, when it really rolls it is very difficult to sleep or stay in bed, 
the bunks do not have straps. the hurricane is not expected to affect us. our 
Captains name is Chris, he is from Chatanooga. Thanks for writing.                                
-Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos