Reply to Cam Oct 17

So good to hear from you!
A few of the children want to keep their costumes a secret, but this is what I  learned: Carol Anne will be a zombie, Aggie: Tom Brady, Silas: a skeleton, Caroline: a fairy, Annabel: Maleficent, Devon: a blown up person, Tony: a Ninja turtle.  They wanted you to know that we went to the Gray Animal Farm to learn about mammals. Did you know that peacocks can live in Maine? Did you know that when a fisher attacks a porcupine it slaps the porcupine’s face back and forth until it gets confused? Did you know that a Black Bear is the name of the bear, not necessarily the color of the bear? Grizzly bears have bigger claws than Black Bears. You should never cut an animal’s whiskers.
We also went on a slow tracker hayride to an apple orchard. The trees were bending over with apples so they were easy to pick. Each kid got a small bag of apples. We got macintosh and Cortlands.

Also, did you know that Justin has flounders?

How many pieces of cheese do you get to eat?

Also, How far away are you from your last stop?

Thats all for now! Keep Safe!

Long Island School