Adam Oct 1,2015

Hello Pen Pals,
Today the Polar Adventure has run into a storm.  A rapidly developing low pressure system appeared right on top of us and the weather forecast was not even close to how bad it actually is!
Our Weather Forecasting Program on the computer uses data from the National Weather Service and it is usually very accurate.  The winds were predicted to by 40 kts out of the North, but decided to blow 80 to 100 kts instead.  That is gust to over 90 miles per hour.
The ship is very big, if you remember me describing her from last year – almost 1000 feet long and right now her draft is almost 35 feet.  Despite being so big, the 25-30 foot seas we are encountering are forcing us to slow way down.
These big seas cause the ship’s bow to pound when we are headed right into them, just like a small boat would on a choppy day.  We pounded a couple time and the Captain gave the order to “SLOW DOWN”.   He also gave me the order to start loading more seawater into our Ballast Tanks to get us lower in the water and ease the pounding.
This is the first storm of the season and it has hit me like a ton of bricks!
Especially since we just left the port of Honolulu, Hawaii – where the air was 80 degrees, the seas were calm , and we were all getting sun tans.  The first storm of the fall season always seems the worst because we get spoiled with calm summer weather for three months.  One way we get spoiled is not keeping our staterooms or MY office organizing and secured for sea.  My room and office looked like a tornado passed through last night.  Everything that was on the desk was rolled off onto the deck.  It is obvious that I do not have a mother out here at sea to tell me to clean my room!
Now we are halfway between the Hawaiian Islands and Alaska.  If you look on the map, you will see we are 1000 miles from anywhere.  It feels pretty lonely, especially in a storm.  But the ship is riding well and it looks like we will be past the bad weather by morning.
I am looking forward to being home on Long Island.  If the schedule works out I should be home on the 13th or 14th of October.
Have a good day at school!
Your Sailor Pen Pal,