Cam 9/30/15

Hey guys, I'm back at work aboard the Overseas Mykonos. We are currently 
anchored off of Pozos Coloradas Columbia waiting to discharge a load of Diesel. 
as of now we will remain at anchor until the 5th of October when we will move 
over to an offshore bouy to discharge our cargo ashore. I met the ship in 
Carteret New Jersey on the 10th of September and from there we steamed down to 
Corpus Christi to take on our load of Diesel. while in Corpus we also took on 
Bunkers (Fuel for the ship), food stores, engine room stores, and lube oil. once 
we were loaded we steamed five days south to Columbia. It is very hot right now, 
both outside and especially in the engine room, it has been over 105 degrees 
farenheit in the engine room with 100% humidity, making for very long and sweaty 
days. In Corpus a new Steward signed on and our food has been good since he 
joined. Most of the officers are the same as previous trips. After we discharge 
we will head back to the U.S. Gulf coast to take on another load, a load port 
has not been determineed yet, and our next Discharge port is also undetermined 
at this point. The ship is not scheduled to go back to Israel until around 
Thanksgiving so until then we are under charter for Koch Oil, so where ever they 
want us to go we will go. Hope all is well back on the Island and the school 
year is off to a good start, and hopefully much cooler than it is here. look 
forward to hearing from all of you. 
-Cameron Murphy 3A/E Overseas Mykonos