Scholarship Meeting

Parents & Friends Club /Special Meeting  to review Student Scholarships
2:30 PM September 24, 2015
present: Marcie Train (president), Alanna Rich (Secretary), Lynn Lamontagne (Fundraising) & Anita Hopman (Scholarships)
We began by cleaning out the student scholarship record binder.  The binder contains a long history of student’s volunteer hours from many years past.
There was discussion about recycling outdated information. Alanna will go through binder, shred any papers containing personal information and recycle old papers that no longer apply since students have grown up and completed college.
Next we went over old scholarship policy language and referred to past meeting minutes to confirm the amount of hours a student needed to receive a P&FC award. As of now students need to complete 80 hrs of community service during middle & high school yrs, keeping track and turning in hrs to P&FC scholarship coordinator. Hrs should be accompanied by a signed letter from the organization from which the services were toward.  If a student moves to the island midway through high school, they will be expected to complete 20 hrs of service for each yr they are enrolled in our district.  Once student’s graduate high school and show proof of enrollment in college / educationalprogram, The P&FC will award student $1,000 in one lump sum depending on funds available in Parent’s club accounts at the time.
There was discussion & questions regarding student’s who attended colleges recently and if they have received a total of $1,000. It is their responsibility to approach The Parent’s Club to confirm.
A new Student Scholarship Binder will be kept organized by P&FC.  Each student will have a plastic sleeve showing chart of accumulated hrs and in these sleeves will be kept signed letters from organizations etc….  Anita offered to get new forms out by mail to current students for keeping track of hrs, a copy of the policy will go out with this form along with a letter of explanation.
The most recent policy language will be presented at the next P&FC mtg, schedule on October 14th.
Thank you ~Alanna Rich