Hey, sorry it has been a while since I have had a chance to write, we have been very busy aboard the Mykonos the last couple of weeks. We arrived in Israel and began discharging cargo(Jet Fuel). we do not actually tie up at a dock, but anchor and moor up to an offshore bouy that is attached to a pipeline that runs to the refinery. I unfortunately did not have a chance to go ashore in Israel. the first day we arrived we were busy working and shutting down the engine, the second day we had a vetting, which is an audit of the ship and it’s performance. the vetting is done by a vetter, who is a third party hired by the customer to rate the ship’s overall performance. this rating is used to determine whether the customer wants to continue using us to deliver their product. The vetting can be stressful and you never know what the vetter is going to look at or ask to see. Fortunately we had a succesful vetting. after we finnished discharging we moved off of the buoy and anchored again. Divers came to inspect the wheel and hull. they found that the hull and wheel had alot of growth on it. it was decided by the office that $20,000 was too expensive to clean the whole hull, so they just cleaned the wheel. on our way across we took longer and burnt more fuel due in part to the growth. we spent over $120,000 extra in fuel than normal coming across, The cost of hull cleaning would be minimal compared to fuel savings, but it was decided not to go forward with the full hull cleaning.
We are now underway for Gibraltar, we discovered a leaking tube in our air cooler for the main engine. the air cooler cools down the incoming air after it is compressed in the turbo charger. heat is imparted to the air when it is compressed, cooling it after compression allows more air to enter the air box and this results in better efficiency and power. the air is cooled by jacket water running through tubes with many fins on them for increased heat transfer. when one leaks, it puts water into the incoming air which than enters the individual cylinders and mixes with combustion byproducts to create sulphuric acid which can cause corrosion in the cylinder liners. this is not ideal. In gibraltar we will have outside contractors come aboard to assist us with our air cooler issue. We will also be taking on fuel again before we had back to Corpus Christi.
So far we have not seen any bridges, however the bridge aboard the ship is where the ship is steered and Navigated from, this is where the mates spend most of their time while we are at sea.
Dominic flew from Duluth to Gibraltar to meet the ship, he was not already in Gibraltar.
We did not have any oil spills, or LOC’S (Loss of containment) which was a good thing, spills are rare.
We are empty now and are not brining any product back to the States with us.
When we get to Corpus we will clear customs, a customs agent will come aboard the ship


After we clear customs there will be a crew change sometime, depending on our schedule it may not be for a few days, we will still work during that time alongside the dock until our reliefs arrive.
We did not have any halloween events aboard the Mykonos unfortunately.
Thanksgiving will also be aboard the ship, I am thankful to be out of school, to be working in my field of study, to have good and knowledgeable coworkers, and for family and friends.
Also thankful to have such inquisitive pen pals who ask alot of questions to keep me busy on some of my offtime.
I posted a few pictures of Israel from where we were anchored, hope you guys got them, I will work on a picture of Gibraltar, however it won’t be until I get back to the states that I will be able to share any pictures.
Thank you for writing.

Cameron Murphy
3 A/E
M.T. Overseas Mykonos