Notes 5/10

Parent’s & Friend’s Club Meeting –May 10, 2017

Meeting convened at 3:55 by Alanna

Attending: Katie Norton, Alanna Rich, Amy Tierney, Marci Train, Judy Stewart, Lynn LaMontagne, Lisa Fabiano, Lisa Kimball & Towanda Brown

Approved minutes from March 8th

Treasure Report from Judy:

  •   Savings: $ 4,789.40
  •   Checking: $ 4,545.17 (*includes $1,500 from greenhouse grant)
  •   Total: $ 9,3345.57

    Old Business

  

Judy to record how much was spent on the field trip to Golden Dragon & Planetarium Towanda thanked the group for the support for the edible art contribution

The store account is low, Katie made a motion to put $50 on the account, Marci seconded, voted unanimous.

New Business

  •   Backpack for Izzy – Judy has looked with Izzy and they will order one tomorrow. Katie made a motion to spend up to $40, Marci seconded, voted unanimous.
  •   School Auction:

o Alanna has 20 donations, gave copy of list to Amy to type up o Takingplaceatthecommunitycenter
o Setup will be from 12-3 and 5-7

 Amy, Towanda and Katie will there for 12-3 shift
 Amy will ask Barbara if she will help and monitor donations, turn away

unneeded items
 Katie, Lisa K & Lynn will do 5-7 shift and get refreshments ready (popcorn &

coffee). Lisa F will arrive at 6
o Discussion of a BYOB – Marci will run it by Barbara Powers to see what she thinks, if yes

Lisa K will fill out paperwork at town hall on Thursday.
o Silent auction vs raffle was discussed, general consensus was to do silent auction along

the wall in the large room
o Katie will do bid sheets, noting $5 increments on bottom..
o People will bid with their number not their names
o ‘ManagementTeam’–AmyLisaK&Barbara(AmytoaskBarbara)andLynn–incharge

or signing people in & keeping track of winning bids and cashing people out
o Alanna will step in for Marci if anything happens preventing her from being there o Alanna will do thank you notes to the donors
o Possibly showing a movie in the other room for the kids during the auction

 Memorial Day Flowers have been ordered from Katharine, Alanna will pick up and they will be planted on May 26th

  •   Field Day discussion – time has run out to organize an interisland event. We will have a family picnic – hot dogs and s’mores on the beach. Time and date to be determined. Possible dates were 6/14, 6/19 or 6/20.
  •   Marci asked for money for the Water Festival field trip – Amy made a motion for $100, Alanna seconded, voted unanimous.
  •   Note about graduation to go out in the notes – ‘Parents please bring a healthy snack to share’. Lynn made a motion to close the meeting at 4:40, all in favor.