Letter from Cam April 24, 2017

Date: Mon, Apr 24, 2017 4:49 am
Hey guys, we are currently two days West of Israel. We took Bunkers in Ceuta Spain (Actually located on the continent of Africa) on April 13th. After bunkering we steamed East for a week. on the 20th we arrived off of Ashkelon Israel. in Israel we discharged our cargo ( a split load of Diesel and JP8 jet fuel). we do not tie up to a dock in Israel, but instead are located at an offshore mooring, the fuel is pumped ashore through an underwater hose. during our discharge in Israel we also had a Vetting ( external audit) that went very well. Vettings are used to determine the quality of service that the ship can deliver when looking for future contracts. I was able to make it ashore the first night for some food off of the ship, the food onboard has been lacking this trip. the following day, with the vetting out of the way, the 3 A/E and the two wipers took the day off and went to Jerusalem. the 1 A/E and myself used the day to overhaul a piston for the main engine, this is in preparation for our port time in Corpus when we will pull and overhaul two main engine pistons. we finished discharging and departed Israel on Saturday. we ware now headed West for Corpus Christi Texas, and are expected to arrive around the middle of May. Hope all is well back Home,

Cameron Murphy, 2 A/E Overseas Santorini