Feb 21 and April 12 letters from Cam

April 12

Hey Guys, it has been a while since I have been able to write. alot has happened over the past month or so. following our discharge in Mersin we returned to St. Theodore Greece. we loaded and then headed for Rota Spain, where we Discharged our cargo. following the discharge in Rota we jogged across to Tangier Morocco to take on fuel. after we fueled up we steamed back across the Atlantic to Corpus Christi. our stay in Corpus was a busy few days. we had alot of work scheduled, inspections, outside contractors, food stores, supplies for the Deck and Engine Departments, lube oil bunkering, fuel oil Bunkering, and various projects that had to be accomplished while in port. We loaded cargo and now are on our way across the Atlantic again on our way to Israel. we are expected to stop in Gibraltar in a few days to take on fuel before continuing on to Israel. weather has not been too bad for the time of the year. the chief engineer switched out during our stay in Corpus. The new Chief is named Joe, he is from California. hope all is well back home.

-Cameron Murphy -2 A/E Overseas Santorini

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 5:04 PM, Cameron Murphy <cameron.murphy4621@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi guys, we arrived in Mersin Turkey this afternoon. currently the refinery is at reduced capacity so it will take around three days to discharge cargo, which is about twice as long as it normally takes to discharge. our cargo pumps can discharge the ship from fully loaded to empty in around 36 hours. Turkey has very strict in port regulations when it comes to discharging waste water over the side. Most ports allow the discharge of grey water ( water from sinks, showers, laundry, the galley, etc) and black water ( water from toilets and human waste) provided it is put through a treatment system. In turkey they allow no water over the side. we have a very small holding tank, so we are rationing water during our stay in Turkey, last time we were here we had to pump our holding tank to a truck on the dock a few times, we are expected to have to do the same this stay. Diesel is a light distillate fuel, with low sulphur content, this low sulphur content results in better emissions as SOx or sulphur oxide is not created as readily, however sulphur acts as a lubricant between close metal surfaces. the main engine and generators where designed to run on heavier fuels with higher viscosity. running diesel is harder on the engine and wear develops sooner. by 2020 heavy fuels will be virtually obsolete in the maritime industry due to emission standards. We carry both diesel and heavy fuel aboard the Santorini, however the diesel storage tanks are much smaller, as they are used less. the monkeys on Gibraltar are Barbary Macaques, they have no tails. they are the only group of monkeys in Europe. they are thought to have been brought to Gibraltar by pirates and have lived there since. Valentines day was not one of importance out here, it was business as usual for the most part. although emails from loved ones back home reminded us what day it was. I have not had a chance to view any traditional Greek architecture while in Greece, most of the towns have modern looking buildings and housing. Following our discharge in Mersin we are scheduled to return to St. Theodore Greece. I hope the quiz following the movie went well. -Cameron Murphy, 2 A/E Overseas Santorini