Parents Club March 8th minutes

Parent’s & Friend’s Club Meeting –March 8, 2017

Meeting convened at 3:45 by Alanna Attending: Katie Norton, Alanna Rich, Amy Tierney, Marci Train, Judy Stewart

Approved minutes from February 8th Treasure Report from Judy:

  •  Savings: $ 5,789.21
  •  Checking: $ 3,043.05
  •  Total: $ 8,832.26

    Donations received


$50 from Paula to go towards 4-H gardening

501c3 has been filed, paid for ($170) and returned from law office
Island swim lessons begin 3/10 – 4/21 and cost $78 per child. General support to continue to pay for half of school aged children. Consensus was the vote from the fall also included this session

Planetarium field trip will hopefully take place the day of the Golden Dragon field trip (4/6), 1 hour program is $65 for group less than 12 or $5 per child after. The Gold Dragon is from 10:00 – 11:00, followed by lunch and the planetarium.

o Amy made a motion for $300 for lunch and the planetarium, 2nded by Judy, all in favor. Symphony field trip is at 11:20, Marci made a motion for $150 for lunch, 2nded by Amy, all in favor.

New Business

Auction Year – May 27th
o Alanna & Judy working on form letter for donation o Amy to send list from previous auction of donors


  •  3/17 – grades close
  •  3/20- 4/12 – MEA testing
  •  3/27 – symphony
  •  4/6 – Golden Dragon
  •  4/12- pot luck dinner with showing of the documentary
  •  5/27 – school auction

    Schedule of future meetings – moved to 2nd Wednesday of the month at 3:45 – April 12th Amy made a motion to close the meeting at 4:14, all in favor.