response February 15, 2017

Dear Cam.
We have a few questions. What is diesel? Do you carry both types of fuel on the ship? Did you learn about the different types of fuel in school, or did you learn about it on the ship? What kind of monkeys were they?
What did you do for Valentine’s Day? We gave cards to each other. We had lots of treats. After school there was a Valentine’s Day tea. The whole community was invited.We made special cards to invite the seniors. About 40 to 50 people came. Everyone went home with a Valentine’s Day card.
Did you see any sculptures in Greece? That did the architecture look like in Greece? We have been studying ancient Greece. We made Greek food. We dressed up in ancient Greek clothing and took pictures. (you can see pictures on the web site) We made Greek vases out of paper and made Greek designs on them. We saw a video about ancient Greece, There was a quiz after. Today we will share our God/Goddess reports with our parents and eat our Greek food.
Next week is school vacation.
Stay Safe
The Long Island School Children