Jan 19,2017

Thu, Jan 19, 2017 9:53 am
Hi guys, I returned to work on the Overseas Santorini on Jan. 3rd in Algeciras Spain. Algeciras is the port for Gibraltar. we spent a week anchored off of Gibraltar waitng for our cargo to be ready at the refinery. after loading we sailed to Augusta Sicily and discharged a partial load. After discharging in Sicily we steamed for a day and a half to Souda Bay Crete, where we discharged the remainder of our cargo. We had a partial crew change in Souda bay, the Captain, 1st engineer and 3rd engineer changed out. the new first is a younger guy from New York named Vinny, the oncoming 3rd is from Friendship Maine and is Named Doug. This trip we have a good group of crew members from Maine, the 2nd Mate Zach is from Portland, myself, Doug, and one of our unlicensed in the engine room, Sam, is also from Portland. After Souda bay we steamed north to St. Theodore Greece where we are currently loading cargo for a run to Mersin Turkey. we took bunkers today (Fuel for our engines/ boilers) and should be departing tonight. we are currently 7 hours ahead of the East Coast. I hope all is well back home. -Cameron Murphy, 2 A/E Overseas Santorini