Nov 2 Parent’s Club

Parent’s  &  Friend’s Club Meeting – November 2, 2016

Meeting convened at 3:50

Attending: Katie Norton, Marci Train, Lisa Fabiano, Alanna Rich, Amy Tierney, Lisa Kimball & Angelique Williams

Treasure Report: from Alanna

  •   Savings: $7,288.70
  •   Checking: $ 3,032.50
  •   Total $ 10,321.20


 Thank you card from Center for Grieving Children ($100 donation made) Old Business

  •   Close Buy Update – Lynn LaM not present for actual numbers but discussion was had that we believed it to be a successful fundraiser
  •   Harvest Lunch Wrap-up – another great success, thank you Alanna and staff for coordinating! Alanna suggested we check with Judy to see if she will keep a file if what we do each time we host the harvest lunch for future years since we have moved to every other year.
  •   Picnic Tables – It was discussed that we wait until Spring and purchase both picnic tables
  •   Field Trip – LEGOLAND in Boston, November 21st


o $13 including workshops for students and $15 for adults. Adults and guests will pay the $15 each to offset the cost of the bus, due to the school on 11/4

o Bus is $995
o Previously voted on $10 for lunch per child but only $5 is required so it was discussed

and decided that we use the extra $5/per child for the Lego souvenir

  •   November 7th – Cindy Perkins will have a staff meeting from 3:30 – 4:30 and Parent’s Night at 6:30 at the Community Center. There will be a movie and pizza provided for kids during the parent’s meeting. Paula and Angelique will watch the children during the meeting. Alanna will order the pizzas from Andy’s and Moira to pick up on her way home.
  •   November 14h symphony field trip – 3-5 symphony, possible fire station or Congress Street Post Office visit. K-2 will be visiting the Children’s Garden at Fort Williams Park and using Alanna’s van as transportation while older kids are at the symphony. $200 was designated for lunch

    New Business

 Community Scholarship Program – Alanna will be sending a letter to all the applicable families outlining the program and requirements to refresh them on what is needed to do to obtain the scholarship offered by the Parent’s and Friend’s club.

  •   Craft Day – December 7th will be craft day. It was discussed with general support for reimbursements as usual. Alanna will check with Marci on guidance on who is typically invited as well as how to reimburse individuals.
  •   Inter-Island Field Day – it is Long Island’s year to host, as it gets closer Angelique will work with the Island Institute to coordinate travel for other islands. Planning will start after the new year.


  •   November 3rd – School Nurse visit
  •   November 7th- Parents night with Cindy Perkins
  •   November 9th (?) – Tooth Fairy of the Ferry – dental education
  •   November 14th – Symphony field trip
  •   November 21st- LEGOLAND field trip
  •   November 22nd – Parent/ Teacher Conferences
  •   December 7th – Craft Day
  •   December 21st- School Program (snow day December 22nd)

    Schedule of future meetings – continuing to alternative times in afternoon and evenings

December 7th@ 6:45 February 1st @6:45 April 5th@ 6:45
June 7th @6:45

January 4th @3:45 March 1st @ 3:45 May 3rd @ 3:45

Alanna made a motion to close the meeting at 4:15, seconded by Lisa, all in favor.