April 13

Parent’s & Friends Club Meeting, Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Present ~ Marcia, Judy, Alanna, Paula and Amy
Treasury : Savings $6,787.91 & Checking $1,931 (low for this time of year)
Old Business
School Garden Planning –  Alanna is working with Paula. Starting seeds and planting blueberry bushes. Paul is putting together a rain barrel that Will Tierney has helped with.
Swim Lessons at the YMCA ~ Swim Lessons is a wrap, we had to send additional funds since our original check did not include payment for 2 participants. Judy is working on collecting  remaining payment from those still owe Parent’s Club.
Step up day approaches for 5th graders to visit King Middle School, May 19.
“Island Field Day.”  (Since the meeting there have been discussions about going to Chebeague) Next year we should possibly inquire with Island Institute to help fund ferry service for Chebeague to come here so we can host.
New Business
Symphony Field Trip Walk to Observatory, Cemetery & then to Merrill Auditorium. All were in favor of allocating $300 for lunch and transport (in case we were to need cab fare). Parent’s have offered to drive/ Alanna, Will, & Lynn are offering to drive children out to Circus Maine and back to boat.
Snacks:We’re going to change up the school snack options and simply provide:popcorn, applesauce,cheese its & pretzels.
Spring Field Trip: We decided to table the discussion until next meeting
April 14: Cindy Perkins/ USM nurses
April 18-22 Vacation
April 25: Symphony 2-5: NO Lisa
April 26: Worm guy visit in afternoon
May: Nwea testing
May 5: 3-5 Gates
May 11 Parents club 3:45
May 19: Step up (gr 5)
May 20: The Lightning thief (Gr 3-5)
May 25: Lab Venture (Gr. 4&5)
June 15: Grad program
June 16: Great Diamond Field Trip?
June 17: Last Day