Hey guys, we are currently headed across the North Sea bound for New York with a 
load of Gasoline. We took Bunkers(Fuel for our engines) in Portland England, and 
then passed through the  English Channel on our way to Norway. we passed the 
Cliffs of Dover during Daylight and I was able to take a few pictures. We 
arrived off of Norway and spent several days slow steaming off of the coast 
until our dock was ready for us, there was no suitable anchorage for us to lay 
at while we waited for the dock. Norway was very pretty, lots of snow covered 
mountains where we were. I was able to get ashore for an evening, there was not 
much in the way of things to do ashore as the terminal was fairly remote. the 
closest Major city was Bergen which was about an hour and a half away. we left 
Norway Sunday afternoon. spent today changing injectors and checking valve lash 
on one of our generators. I also flushed out our MSD (Marine Sanitary device) 
(our sewage holding tank) and redosed it with new bugs. we process our own 
sewage onboard and treat it before it is discharged over the side. we are 
currently coming into a few low pressure systems and are expecting bad weather 
for the next few days. The Easter Bunny did not find his way to the Overseas 
Mykonos, must have been to far a hop for him. when somone is sick, the others in 
their department absorb their duties while the sick individual gets rest. we 
have a small hospital for more serious incidents. the second mate is the Medical 
officer aboard this vessel. We had a few herring in our sea strainers the other 
day, but have not seen much other sea life this trip. hope all is well. 
-Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos