March 29 (kids response)

Dear Cam
We have also been busy, we are in the middle of testing. “it is very tiring” “It is very hard” “We would rather be learning than taking tests.” Tomorrow the kids in grades 2-5 will go on a field trip to the Merrill Auditorium to see the play the BFG. We will also go to the Longfellow House to learn more about the poet. We will also go to the Portland Library to see a photography exhibit. And to finish our field trip, we are going to Andy’s for lunch.
How has the weather been? Did the Easter Bunny leave a basket for you? Some of the kids on the island did a huge Easter egg hunt down by the harbor. Some of the kids have been sick with the flu. What do people do when they are sick on the boat. Do you have enough people to take their place. Do you have a first aid station, how about a doctor? Have you seen any sea life? The seas are standing up on Long Island today. They said it will blow up to 40 mph.