March 9, 2016

Parent’s & Friends Club Meeting, Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Present ~ Alanna Rich, Paula Johnson, Judy Stewart, Kay Johnson & Lisa Kimball
Treasury : Savings $7,787.78 & Checking $2,458.95
BFG Play at the Merrill Auditorium: Field Trip March 30th, 2nd grade + All in favor for P&FC to purchase lunch, probably at Andy’s? Judy will contact the restaurant. Logistics & planning still in the works for possible something else to do while off island that day.
Fedco Seed Fund Raiser idea: Alanna reported that after speaking with Amy Tierney, we are better off saving this fund raiser for next year which would give us more time to research, plan, market seeds etc… Great idea! But we will put it on the back burner for now.
Aquaculture Project: Community informational night was well attended, Aquaculture after school program will happen Wednesdays. Hosted by ERin Love and Marcie Train. Hattie Train helped set up multi purpose room for ASP kick off, with rope & pretend kelp made from strips of green paper, Thank you Hattie. REMINDER: PARENTS, PLEASE SEND A HEALTHY SNACK FOR YOUR CHILD TO AQUACULTURE ASP.
Spring Field Trip in the works. Possible destinations include The Planetarium, The Aquarium, A Mining Adventure or maybe even the Botanical Garden? Kay Inquired about going to GMRI, Paula traditionally takes 5th graders there to a special program.
We have a new microwave to help staff heat lunches. Thank you P&FC for helping to purchase this item.
School Garden Planning – Discussion: Paula to order Bird seed for school feeders & compost for gardens. We have grant money to purchase a compost bin, the one we had wanted, the company went out of business. Alanna requested a thermometer for the green house. Kay is researching grants to expand school garden program. Adam Kimball & Will Tierney have volunteered to re-assemble green house for the new seaon.
Swim Lessons at the YMCA ~ Spring session under way, $78 child. All in favor of P&FC to cover half the cost for all school age children who are enrolled.

Step up day approaches for 5th graders to visit King Middle School, May 19.

Alanna mentioned it may be “our turn” to host “Island Field Day.” Alanna will talk to Education Director Yvonne from Island Institute to see about possible schedule for next year (2016-17) in anticipation of Community Center being complete & ferr service between islands etc…

March 24 & 25 – Parent Conferences, March 24 early release
March 25 make up day, out at 11:30
March 30 BFG
Week of April 18, Spring Break Vacation (Week prior will be “Health Week”)
Next P&FC Meeting will be at 7PM on April 13 Notes completed by ~Alanna Rich 🙂