March 9 from Cam

Overseas Mykonos 3/9
From: cameron.murphy.282750
To: trains17 Date: Wed, Mar 9, 2016 3:50 pm

Hey guys, new development on where we will be discharging, the port has changed
from Rotterdam to Morocco. we are expected to arrive on Monday. during our
discharge we expect a vetting ( an external audit) in which the vessel and crew
are scrutinized in order to determine whether companies want to continue using
us to move their products. the vetter will observe the discharge process and go
through the vessel as well as paperwork in order to compile a snap shot of what
condition the ship/ crew are in. There is no information yet about where we will
go after Morocco, there is a strong possibility we will go to another port to
load before coming back across the Atlantic, so there still may be a chance of
running up through the English channel, but as for now we will not pass through
the channel on our way to Morocco. I only speak one language fluently. I took
Spanish throughout school, so when in Spanish Speaking countries I can get by
with the neccessities. More often than not the people we interact with know some
English, so usually communication can take place between limited words and
gestures. The last few days have been rainy and the seas have been standing up,
maybe the weather will clear up by the time we reach Morocco. Hope all is well.
-Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos