March 3

Hey guys, we are currently a few days east of the Bahamas headed for Rotterdam
at the moment, although that is subject to change as we progress further
eastward. as we move east we adjust our time aboard the ship to account for the
change in time zone, so far we have had two time zone changes since departing
Louisiana, so we are currently an hour ahead of the East coast. We did not see
Cuba on our way to Guatemala. the ship loaded cargo and departed from Pascagoula
Mississippi which is West of Cuba. It has been warm in the engine room and nice
outside(so I’m told) but not too hot down here, it should cool down as we get
further into the Atlantic. A cadet is in short an intern, they are still
attending a Maritime Academy, and part of their education is to spend time at
sea working on commercial vessels. Those studying to become deck Officers work
with the Deck Department and those studying to become engine Officers work with
the engine department. Kings Point is in New York and is the location of the
United States Maritime Academy. We currently have three women on board, the
second engineer,Sonja, the deck cadet, Quinn, and the Stewards Assistant, Paula.
I was able to get out with the chief mate, Jimmy and the second engineer, Sonja
in New Orleans for dinner and to see Bourbon Street. I have not seen any wild
life of note (other than on Bourbon street) thus far in the trip, unfortunately
I do not spend much time outside where viewing of wildlife would be more likely.
I was able to grab a few pictures heading up the Mississippi, which I can share
when I get back to the states. The weather so far has been nice. If we do end up
discharging in Rotterdam we will have to go through the English Channel, I will
try to get some pictures and keep my eyes open for tulips. Thanks for writing,
Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos