Feb 13 and Feb 27th

Feb. 13th
Hey guys, I am back to work Aboard the Overseas Mykonos. I joined the ship on
the 3rd of February in Pascagoula Mississippi. We had an ABS (American Bureau
of Shipping) audit and we took bunkers (fuel for the ship) as well as a split
load of jet fuel, various grades of gasoline and diesel. From Pascagoula we
sailed south to Honduras where we discharged at two different docks. after we
sailed 60 miles to Gautemala where we are currently discharging at the second of
two berths in Gautemala. After we finish discharging here we will head for
Houston to take on product, our next discharge port has not been determined at
this point. We have a new 2nd engineer this trip, her name is Sonja and she is
from Michigan, other than Sonja the officers in both the engine and Deck
departments are the same as previous trips. We also have two cadets from
Kingspoint, a female deck cadet and a male engine cadet. Weather is nice down
here right now, not too hot and not too cold. hope school is going well back in

-Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos

Feb 27th
Hey guys we currently are taking on a load of Diesel in Garyville Louisiana. we
should be wrapped up loading cargo first thing in the morning and from there
will transit back down the Mississippi and then across the Atlantic to Northern
Europe. After our first discharges in Guatemala and Honduras, we headed to
Houston where we anchored for a few days awaiting orders. We then got word that
we would be loading cargo in the Mississippi River, so we headed for and
anchored at South West Pass (The entrance to the river) and awaited a pilot,
after the pilot came aboard we steamed for 12 hours up past New Orleans to the
Kenner Bend anchorage where we sat for five days before shifting to the load
berth we are currently at. At the anchorage we took on stores, engine, deck and
food, as well as lube oil. we also had an opportunity to head into New Orleans
in between some work we were able to get done while anchored. After departing
tomorrow morning we will discharge in Amsterdam. Hope school is going well
-Cameron Murphy 3A/E Overseas Mykonos