Cam Nov 10

Hey, we are Currently Anchored off of Houston Texas, waiting to go in, we have 
been here since the 3rd and are not expected to go in until the 16th as of now. 
we have been using this down time to do work on the main engine as well as 
inspections that we are not able to do while underway. The Mykonos is 183 meters 
long, She has 9 levels from the floor deck of the engine room to the Fly Bridge. 
we carry out fire and boat drills regularly as well as security drills, in which 
we either conduct a simulated bomb or stowaway search. Pets are not allowed 
aboard the vessel. Columbian Laws do vary from U.S. Laws, however I am not 
familiar with the details. We do not have a game room and I do not play video 
games, we also do not have a gum ball machine. The docking and mooring lines 
vary in size, most of the lines are relatively small diamatere, but have a high 
breaking strength due to their construction and material they are composed of. 
Once we head in we will be taking on food stores, as well as engine and deck 
stores, lube oil, fuel oil. there will be outside contractors working on a few 
pieces of equipment and we are scheduled for a COI (Certificate of Inspection) 
the coast guard comes down and does a thorough inspection of the vessel and 
makes sure that the ship is running  right and there are no issues. Following 
the COI the current crew should be relieved before the vessel heads for Israel. 
Hope all is well.        -Cameron Murphy 3 A/E Overseas Mykonos