Cam Oct. 30

Hey guys, we are currently in the Process of having our hull checked by divers 
for contraband before we can leave Columbia, we spent the last 24 hours at an 
offshore single point mooring discharging our cargo of diesel. today we also had 
a vetting, which is an outside audit performed by a third party company, a 
vetter is sent to the ship to inspect the vessel during a discharge, he goes 
throughout the whole ship and when he is finished writes a report which goes 
both back to the Ship owners and is posted to charter companies which may want 
to hire us. Prior to our discahrge we sat at anchor off of Columbia for 5 days. 
I had a chance to go ashore a few times, we went into the town of Santa Marta. 
As of now following the completion of our hull inspection we will head to 
Houston. it sounds like there is a variety of good costumes for Halloween. we 
can eat as many pieces of cheese as we would like a day. not alot of mammals off 
the coast of Columbia, there have been some Barracuda hanging around the ship, 
and plenty of bait fish to catch during lunch breaks and after hours. It 
continues to be very hot and humid down here, it was 111 today without the 
engine running, and 100% humidity. Hope all is going well back on the Island.      
-Cameron Murphy 3A/E Overseas Mykonos